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Are you Sitting too Much?

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

We sit everyday at work, watching tv, watching the kids play sports it is important that we know what this can do to our bodies so we are able to enjoy a happy, healthy and full life! 

Did you know excessive periods of sitting can increase your risk of 

  • cardiovascular disease
  • Excess body fat around your waist
  • abnormal cholesterol levels
  • diabetes
  • and more! 
PLUS even if you are attending the gym or completing moderate intensity physical activity, it doesn't change the risk if you are still sitting for long periods of time! 

When you sit: 
  • fat burning enzymes drop 90%
  • you only burn calories at 1 per minute compared to about 20 when standing
  • all leg electrical activity stops
  • After 2 hours good cholesterol drops 20%
So it is imperative that we get up move around and stop sitting for long periods of time. 

Solutions can include: 
  • Standing as much as possible such as when talking on the phone or eating lunch
  • Getting up and walking around, stretching or just moving every 30-60 minutes (set an alarm to help remind you!) 
  • Try standing at a desk if possible

Don't let sitting get you! Use every chance you have to stand up, move, stretch and keep active! 

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