Class Descriptions


“Watch the Sunrise on the RSL Rooftop”. Bootcamp keeps you on your toes and challenges your fitness levels with different exercises to try that will help increase your strength, stamina and cardio fitness!

Cardio Boxing:

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?

Strike, punch and kick you way to superior fitness levels in this high intensity, full body workout.

Dynamic drills and great combinations to significantly improve strength, speed, co-ordination, agility and endurance.

Cross Training:

Like to try a bit of everything? This class combines different group exercise formats to create a cross training effect. It’s designed to tone muscles, develop cardiovascular fitness and burn lots Of calories!


Functional Training challenges Strength, Balance, Agility and Core Muscles using The Rig, Ski Rig, Assault Bikes, Sleds, Tyres and more. All in our New Functional Training Area.


This hard workout is High Intensity Interval Training.

45 minutes mix of high-intensity Cardio and Strength exercises improving your cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance, plyometric co-ordination and more by spiking the heart rate with minimal rest.


Low impact exercise that tones, elongates and sculpts muscles, plus improves core strength, flexibility, coordination, & posture. Grip Socks Available at reception.

Posture Perfect:

Poor posture can have a negative effect on not only your appearance but also your health!

This class offers a variety of exercises specifically designed to correct posture and strengthen the posterior chain.


The premier class with muscle! You’re alternative to a workout in the gym with contemporary music and interesting exercise combinations.

A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells and a step platform to give you the fastest way to define and condition every muscle, 60-minute class.


Circuit uses interval training between numerous exercises for a varied and challenging way to work out your entire body.

Recharge Circuit:

Circuit uses interval training between numerous exercises for a varied and challenging way to work out your entire body.

Spin Mix:

A class combining the use of spin bikes as well as traditional strength training designed to help improve your overall fitness and strength.


Another of our interval training formats specific to strength and core exercises designed to increase overall body strength while simultaneously maximising your aerobic threshold.


Ultimate mind and body workout, stretching muscles, creating strength and mental focus.


A Combination of Yoga and Pilates joined as one!

Zen Meditation:

Finish your week off the right way with 30 minutes of Zen meditation! Relax your mind and body, reduce stress, mental fatigue, anxiety and improve your overall well being.


F for FUN! Zumba is the highly popular, Latin-inspired dance fitness workout to sexy, high energy music. Suitable for all ages.

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