Direct Debit

The easy way to pay. Monthly direct debit from your bank account or credit card!

Direct Debit memberships from $40 per month!

Direct Debit memberships are an easy way to purchase a membership these days with the convenience of monthly payments. These memberships are for a minimum of 12 months (depending on membership type).

A pro-rata (part payment of the current month, depending on the date at which you sign up) is due at the time of application, so your account is in advance and subsequent payments are debited directly from your nominated account on 28th of each month. The pro-rata is not a joining fee, it is simply a payment that takes you until the day we debit it out of your account so you are able to access the facilities immediately

Membership can be cancelled with notice in writing after the minimum term of 6 months.

To set up a direct debit payment plan, please book an appointment with our friendly staff.

direct debit is available for:
  • Platinum Membership (from $80 per month)
  • Gold Membership (from $65 per month)
  • Silver Membership (from $45 per month)
  • Small Corporate (from $60 per month)
  • Large Corporate (from $50 per month)
  • Single Parent (from $110 per month)
  • Family (from $100 per month)
  • Off-peak / Lunchtime (from $40 per month)

(All Direct Debit memberships are on a minimum contract of 6 or 12 months)

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